What is TickerRap

What is this??

This is site where you can engage with other investors in various forms of legal investments. Whether it is crypto, stocks, real estate, group shares, any form of legal investment strategies, securities, or funds are to be discussed and share here. It is a comfortable forum where we allow free movement of ideas with respect to all parties.

What if I want to sell something?

You can provide links to your products and/or services once per day. There is one public forum, so redundant advertising daily is not allowed. You can create a group separately from the forum by first emailing admin@exchangetogether.com, and in that group you will more freedom to post links repeatedly. However you can not make a transaction directly through the site, but all LEGAL transactions can be posted in communication format only.


I was on Ticker Talk and after having a conversation with a person the trade suggested failed

All trade information shared and is executed at one’s own risk. Please keep in mind it was not intentional for anyone to give another person bad trade advice or investment advice. Risk is what creates the window for profit, that stated, risk is defined as uncertain. We strongly suggest personal research before executing trade decisions based on advice from “Ticker Talk”


Do I have to sign up for the free membership if I want to make a post?

Yes, and what makes us unique is we do not sell, record, nor market any information! None! This is a free exchange of ideas, and we request a sign in so we can provide more resources to logged in users

Who do I contact for any issues?

We politely ask that you email us any issues that you have; and if you do unfortunately have a bad communication with a fellow user, we kindly ask to immediately discontinue and email us at admin@exchangetogether.com we do hourly audits, and we will find the conversation and make best decisions for resolution in strict accordance to the law.

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